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Sand penstemon


Penstemon acuminatus (Sand penstemon)

Perennial forb

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Penstemon acuminatus (Sand penstemon)

Perennial forb
Sand penstemon has electric-blue to pinkish-purple flowers in spring above thick green triangular leaves.  It prefers dry sandy soil.  May tolerate a little extra water.  Photo by Mickie Chamness

NOTE:  This species grows a strong deep taproot early in it’s life but not as many small rootlets.  When you take the plant out of the tube the dirt may fall off the roots. The plant and root are healthy.  Dig a deep enough hole for the roots to hang straight down without bending, fill the hole with water, when it’s drained put the plant in with roots straight down  and fill the hole back in.

Height:  ~24″
Width:  ~20″
Light:  sun
Water:  low