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Silverleaf phacelia


Phacelia hasata (Silverleaf phacelia)

Fine short hairs covering the leaves and stems give them a silvery appearance

  • Pot Size: 3"x5"
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Phacelia hastata (Silverleaf phacelia)

Fine short hairs covering leaves and stems give a silvery appearance

This perennial lives in dry sandy or even rocky soil. Attractive lance-shaped leaves with darker green veins are covered by short fine hairs, giving them a silvery appearance. Flower heads start as a tightly coiled cluster that starts blooming at the bottom as it slowly uncoils to show off abundant small white flowers.  Flower stems become very bristly after they dry, and you may want to deadhead them after they dry. The leaves will stay silvery until cold weather. Reseeds readily. Photo by Mickie Chamness

Height:  6-20″
Width:  6-16″
Light:  sun
Water:  low