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Spiny hopsage


Grayia spinosa (Spiny hopsage)

Deciduous shrub

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Grayia spinosa (Spiny hopsage)

Deciduous shrub
This species has separate male and female plants.  Although the flowers are not conspicuous, the bracts around the female flowers are enlarged and range in color from whitish to bright pink.  Growing in somewhat sandy soil this shrub is deciduous, dropping its green leaves as it goes dormant in the summer, leaving a tangle of stiff pointed stems. These plants were grown from seed, and it is not possible to know if they are male or female until they bloom. Photo of female flowers by Heidi Newsome

NOTE: will be dormant and pot may look empty, but the roots have been checked and look healthy.

Height:  3′
Width:  3′
Light:  sun
Water:  low to moderate