What are the various pot sizes you have listed mean?

Native plants are usually grown in different types of pots than you find in regular nurseries.  That’s because native plants in our area are able to grow and thrive by growing deep roots early in their lives. Consequently, native plant nurseries grow most plants in either tubes or deeper pots than you’re used to seeing.  To give you a little better idea of what size these are, below are photos of the types of pots you’ll find in our plant sale.

10 ci tube, about 8″ deep and 1.5″ wide
27 ci tube, a little deeper and wider
40 ci tube, about 10″ deep and 3″ wide
2×5″ pot measures 2x2x5″
3.5″ pot measures 3.5×3.5×5″
3×6″ pot meausres 3x3x6″
3×9″ pot measures 3x3x9″
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